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The Problem — Water Scarcity

Water is the most fundamental need for humans to live and be healthy — yet 1 of every 3 people globally do not have access to safely managed drinking water. This is over 2.2 billion people who struggle to access water to drink, let alone cook, bathe, handwash, or grow food. With 71% of Earth’s surface being water, how is this possible?

Only 1% of Earth’s water is accessible freshwater, while the rest is salt water or stored in glaciers. Much of this water is polluted as well, leaving less for humans to use. This has resulted in 785 million…

90% of people who commit suicide are suffering from a mental health disorder, and over 50% are depressed. Yet most mental illnesses are very treatable, and over 90% of depression patients who were treated responded positively with reduced symptoms. So why are so many people still committing suicide due to these problems if it is that easy to treat? Because about half of the people who experience mental health problems don’t receive any treatment at all.

Why don’t people receive treatment if it is so effective?

Of those people who didn’t receive mental health treatment, 72% acknowledged they did need treatment, but still did not initiate in it, mainly due…

Pranav Kapur

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